Why Im Loving -All The Boys I Loved Before [Includes Free Link For The Movie]

Hello everyone, how are you doing? I hope you’re all well & if you’re wondering about me then you ought to know that right now, I’m obsessed with the movie To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (just like the 90% of the world’s Twitter population)

I’m not the kind of person who really enjoys watching the same movie twice because it just gets meh to me after the first time, but I watched this movie continuously three times for three days in the row & in between watching the entire movie back to back I played a few scenes countless times over just for those butterflies in my tummy.

This is an incredibly feel good movie which based on the best seller triology written by Jenny Han which will instantly perk up your mood & will make you want to find a guy like Peter Kavinsky, I’m not even kidding he’s absolutely unreal & fantastic! I’m head over heels in love with this fictional character and if you watch this movie then I’m sure you’ll join me on the I-Love-Peter-Kavinsky-More-Than-All-My-Loves-Combined wagon. I’m serious, he’s literally a dream.

Well, Lara Jean she’s so endearing, cute & her introverted characteristics in the movie are highly relatable. I could relate with her so much because she’s socially awkward & a bit shy around people in her school which is basically my life story. She has a close knitted family with two awesome sisters & their camaraderie is so sweet.

To be honest, I haven’t watched a movie this good in long while. None of the latest flicks gave me these major feels. It’s literally one of my favourite movies ever.

The sound track is mind blowing, catchy & sophisticated. I can’t stop playing these songs on repeat ever since I watched the movie. I love it!

Guess what? I discovered a website which is airing this movie for free & it would be a great disservice if I didn’t share the link with you. I want everyone of you to watch this movie & feel the giddy feels & forget about every bad thing in the world for a while. It’s healing.

Link for free movie:


Remember me in your prayers! Now go, have fun!


My Thoughts On Pachinko

Hello everyone, how are you doing?

If you’re wondering about me then I’m doing well, thank you!

I activated the Amazon Kindle Unlimited recently on my smartphone and while I was exploring Kindle’s vast library, I found Pachinko by Min Jin Lee. The book caught my attention because of its inviting and vibrant book cover. Yes, I’m the kind of person who will be a little biased towards picking a book because of its outer appearance!

That said, I found out that Pachinko was counted among the ten best books of 2017. I was determined to read this book not only because of its alluring book cover, vast popularity but also because of the summary that caught my attention. I don’t regret it one bit. And would happily recommend to it anybody who likes reading about familial bond, love, loss & perseverance.

The author Min Jin Lee’s descriptive writing will transport you to Japan & Korea’s history because it is painstakingly detailed to perfection. She makes sure that there is nothing left to doubt & answers all your silent queries while reading which is important for me while reading a book. I don’t like stories that are unnecessarily vague.

There are many characters in the story as it’s a family saga of four generations of a Korean family who have emigrated to Japan for survival. The flow of the book is really commendable & well connected. Each and every character stays with you & I am still absorbing everything that I’ve read. The book gives us a glimpse into the lives of ordinary people whose lives have been affected by the war. And, that was the author’s main intention – to focus on the plight of ordinary citizens & not just the aristocrats during the Japanese-Korean war.

At the end of the book, there’s a detailed interview of Min Jin Lee & what compelled her to write this elaborate & moving family saga. I learned a great deal about Korea and Japan’s history. Finally, I understood the significance of the title only at the end and realized how suitable it was to the book’s premise.

Pachinko – a game which is similar to pin ball originated in Japan

On the whole, I am completely moved by this heart-breaking yet phenomenal story of family and their perseverance to carve their identity under the tyrannical oppression without losing hope even in some adverse circumstances.

If you are someone who enjoys reading fiction then add this gem to your reading list, I promise, you will not be disappointed.

Ps: For my Indian readers, you can activate Kindle Unlimited to read many exciting books for an affordable price. Here’s how:

  1. Down Kindle Unlimited app on your phone
  2. Activate the desired plan.
  3. I opted for a monthly plan which cost me 199 rupees (INR)
  4. You’ll get an email of the subscription
  5. Although you’ll not find ALL the books in the library for free, many renowned titles will not be additionally charged if you’ve subscribed to Kindle Unlimited.


Until next time!